The Limestone
I would first like to explain my medium to everyone. As I stated on my Home page, I worked almost 20 years in the paper industry and that is where I was introduced to this great "stuff". This limestone-based medium was first designed and patented by the paper industry as a filler in the paper-making process. This formula contains not only limestone but other calcium carbonates, bonding agents and fillers. When left undiluted the limestone will harden in seconds and is quite durable.

The Process
Phase one of my process starts with actually forming each tile. The limestone mixture is quickly folded and mixed to the desired consistency then poured into a square form. Time is of the essence as this will set in about 20-30 seconds. Very durable and surprisingly light the hardened limestone also possesses great archival properties as well.

Once the tiles are dry, phase two starts with the removal of the tiles. I will then hand carve, sculpt, grind, and scratch into the tops of each tile to create the design. My favorite tools used to carve are nails, Dremel© tools, grinders, dental tools, razor blades, sand paper and anything else that can scratch or gouge. Most of carving tools I use are hand made and very crude. "I've got that nail bent just the way I like it!" That's how I taught myself, so that's what I keep using. Any tiles that are curved or rounded must be "ground" to shape and fit together like a puzzle.

Every tile I make is a one of a kind. I do not cast through molds!

Phase three is the painting and glazing. All tiles are hand painted with brushes (not airbrushed) using high quality acrylic paints. In truth the tiles are as much stained as they are painted. The limestone is porous and you only get one shot at painting correctly. I will then treat each tile with an iridescent wash that allows the piece to reflect more light; creating greater movement and texture. Direct lighting on my pieces is very much encouraged.

My final step is to mount and frame each sculpture. I've always used very high quality matting and framing as I feel that it is half of the piece as well as an art form unto itself. Please take a peek at the Customize page for some of the mats I am currently using. I generally "pedestal" mount each tile to give the pieces further depth and shadow. UV glass is used on my larger pieces and can be used on smaller pieces upon request. All pieces are sold ready-to- hang with wire, pads, etc.

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