When deciding on that perfect piece for your home, you'll be very happy to learn how easy it can be to choose the exact color, frame, style and size that you desire.

Color/Matting: For those of you who have seen my work, you'll have a good understanding of the range of matting colors that I use. However, that should not stop you from going to a frame shop and picking out the exact mat color that you desire! I can easily incorporate your favorite mat into a specialized piece for your home or office. See a sampling of mats.

Framing: Choosing the proper frame can be as crucial and as much fun as that of picking out the right matting. I typically use metal frames for no other reason than my own personal preference. Metal frames help accentuate the iridescent quality of the tiles while maintaining a contemporary appearance. See a sampling of metal frame colorings. My favorite style is the "Walnut" frame. It has an earthly, coppery-brown, warm coloring which complements the wood grained finish used in furnishings and accents in many of today's homes. Wooden frames can also be used and look wonderful! Because of the depth or "3-D" quality of the tile sculptures, there are limited options in wooden framing. Wooden frames also tend to be more expensive.

Style/Size: As the gallery pictures will show, any style or size is possible. Pieces can be made vertical, horizontal, large, small, with a top mat or without. You can come up with your own idea and I would be glad to make it happen! Tiles too, can also be made in different sizes. I've made tiles as small as one inch to as large as 30 inches. Finished pieces have been made from 8 inches up to 5 feet long!

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